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Mental Well-Being Package

It is Okay to Not to Be Okay. That’s the message that we wish to drive across to all employees in Singapore. Mental Wellness is not just about treating clinical depression or anxiety attacks. It is also a way for both employees and employers to learn ways to manage their emotions, recognize what they are feeling, be resilient and cope with the challenges that comes along.

One of the ways for us as Service Provider to better understand what a particular company requires in terms of Mental Wellness, will be for us to analyze their anonymous iWorkHealth Survey results. Based on the results, we will then recommend them on the topics. The package will comprise at least 2 hours’ worth of activities in the form talks / workshops.

  • Grief and Trauma
  • Interpersonal Struggles
  • Self-confidence is attractive
  • Self- Care
  • How to spot mental health issues at the workplace and preventive measurements for it
  • How to manage difficult conditions and thrive in it when leaving is not an option
  • How to create a work environment that’s conducive to everyone’s mental well-being
  • Stress management
  • Mental Health First Aid: Understanding and Supporting someone with Depression

Weight Management Package

The key to a successful weight management comprises of both physical activities and diet control. In current hectic society along with pandemic restrictions, it may not be ideal for participants to visit a gym regularly.

But whoever said that you need to gym on regular basis in order to build muscles and / or lose weight? Do you not find it a chore to get ready with your exercise attire, get to the gym, hit the treadmill for 30mins and countdown to the number of weight-lifting exercises you have to complete?

That’s the exact reason why we have curated a list of activities that you could easily pick it up on your own and do it at home, with no equipment required. It therapeutic and a great stress-reliever.

Beside exercise, diet control and knowledge about nutrition plays an equally important role in weight management journey. Our speakers for such talks have both field experience and academic qualification in the nutrition field. This package will comprise at least 4 hours’ worth of activities in the form of at least 2 sessions of physical activity and 2 talks.

  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Zumba
  • K-Kardio Dance
  • Pilates
  • Weight Management
  • Practical Nutrition for Healthy Living
  • Boost your Immune System to promote better weight management
  • The link between Digestive System and Weight Management

Ergonomics Package

This package comprises at least 3 hours’ worth of activities in the form of talk, ergonomic demonstration and / or stretching exercise. Our ergonomic talk and demonstration will address common work-related musculoskeletal disorders and possible risks that contribute to aches and pain. Pain Management strategies will also be shared and stretching exercises incorporated into the talk.

  1. Ergonomics Demonstration (with or without Stretching Component)
  2. Healthy Sitting Postures
  3. Manual Handling Operation and Prevention of Back Injuries
  4.  Work – related Musculoskeletal Disorders & Ergonomics
  5. Physiotherapy: How can it help you?

Infectious Disease Package

This package comprises at least a site walkthrough and talk. The talk will be tailored according to the interest and the knowledge of the participants. Diseases relevant to certain industry will also be highlighted. For instance, dengue in the construction industry, air and blood borne pathogens in healthcare industry and foodborne pathogens in food and beverages industry.

The talk will be delivered by Occupational Medicine specialist (Occupational Physician or Occupational Therapist) who understand the risk management approach to common infectious diseases in various industries. They are able to speak from experience as they work closely with various disciplines such as epidemiologist, infectious disease experts, safety managers and operation personnel in the fight again COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

  • Strategies for the Prevention of Occupational Diseases
    (can be tailored to different workplaces)
  • Infection Control in Workplace
  • Occupational Vaccination (can be tailored to different workplaces)

Safety Coaching

Safety coaching session will be conducted by our MOM licensed Safety Officer. The key purpose behind Safety Coaching is to provide peer to peer support to reinforce organizational safety practices and behavior expectations. So rather than going deep into the technicality of safety related topics, our coach will analyze the safety practices in our client company and what is required of each employee. With this information in hand, our coach will then contextualize and provide bite-size coaching on various topics.

For example, instead of doing a full Slip, Trip and Fall in a 15minutes coaching session, (capped at maximum 20 pax per session) we analyze and found out that some employees are afraid to speak up for safety. Our coach will then share with them on “ways to overcome fear of intervention”. For the full technicality of Slip, Trip and Fall which usually takes about an hour, we shall provide this in “General Safety and Health Talk Package”.

  • Slip, Trip and Fall
  • Machinery Safety
  • Work at Heights
  • Vehicular Safety
  • Noise Control Management

General Safety and Health Talk Package

This package comprises at least 3 hours’ worth of talk on any topic relevant to safety and / or health. In addition to the above-mentioned topics that will be included in this overall package, Physical Health will also be part of it – Chronic diseases take a toll on you and your loved ones? You feel that you are unable to improve your health even with medication? You are constantly worried about your health as hereditary disease runs in your family? Find out how you can take good care of your health and manage it well.

  • Sleep Disorder
  • Heart Health
  • Silent Killer Diseases: What are the risk factors and ways to prevent them?
  • Health Screening (Why? How? What?)
  • Ageing Well
  • Menopause & women’s health
  • Health Effects of Shift Work
  • Medical Examinations for Workers Engaged in Hazardous Occupations.

Health Screening and Health Coaching Package

This package comprises at least the following (all inclusive): 1 pre-coaching health screening, 3 health coaching sessions, and 1 post-coaching health screening.

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