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Wong Fong Academy (WFA) is an educational institute started in 2011 to provide quality skills training across all industrial sectors in Singapore. Our training and consultancy services are designed, planned and conducted by a team with vast experience in their respective fields. In 2019, we were appointed by Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH Council) as one of the service providers for Total Workplace Safety and Health Programme (Total WSH). Total WSH (A heavily funded programme) is an approach that looks at work, safety and health together. Ever since then, we have worked with companies nationwide to identify health and safety risks in their workplace and recommend interventions to address these risks. Our trainers and speakers are also subject matter experts in their respective field such as Safety, Medical (Physical Health), Nutrition and Psychology / Counselling (Mental Health).

Our trainers comprises of registered Safety Officers, Medical Nurse, Medical Doctor, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Psychologist and Counsellors

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