What is TotalWSH?

TotalWSH is a holistic and integrated approach to manage the interactions between work, safety and health to promote the wellbeing of employees. With Total WSH, companies in the longer term will have a healthier and more productive workforce, better business performance, with fewer workplace injuries as well as lower absenteeism and healthcare costs.

Aim of Total Workplace Safety and Health (Total WSH) Programme:


Different stages of the programme:

Implementation Phase

We will strengthen the management of your Workplace Safety and / or Workplace Health by designing, organizing, planning and implementing intervention packages in collaboration with your company. This phase is expected to take around 1 to 9 months depending on the number of packages taken by your company.

Integration and Sustainability Phase

We will guide you in integrating workplace safety and health issues in WSH risk assessments by reviewing risk assessments and providing relevant training. In addition, we will introduce Total Workplace Safety and Health (Total WSH) approach and advise your company on how you could self-manage Total WSH in your Company. This is expected to take approximately half a day.

Offboarding Phase

We will share the results and challenges of what was implemented and carried out. This is expected to take half a day.

3 Easy Steps to embark on your funded wellness journey!

  1.  Download  the Registration & Profiling Forms from below
  2. Let us know your preferred package & topic. Send in the completed forms to us at totalwsh@wfa.edu.sg
  3. Sit back, relax, and we will handle all the arrangements.

*Terms and Conditions applies

Crafted For All Companies In Any Industry

Total Workplace Safety and Health is crafted for all companies nationwide regardless of the industries you are. Each session will be tweak in accordance to your workplace relevancy. Don’t just take our word for it, our past testimonials, figures and clients speak for itself. Come and attend this funded programme and experience it yourself!

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